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NOVUS (Latin, adj)

New Beginnings. Fresh.

At NOVUS we strive for greatness on every playing field. With a background in athletics, using our platform for something that goes beyond ourselves has always been in our DNA. Whether you are an athlete or not, we all have our own trials that we must overcome time and time again. Through our clothing we hope to inspire all to persevere, set yourself apart and live life with passion and conviction. GET FRESH


Being former athletes ourselves, we know how hard it is to find quality custom gear at an affordable price. After extensive research on the fabrics and logistics in the customization field, we believe there is a better way. By keeping the entire process in-house we are able to give you gear you can't wait to rep at a price that won't be beat. Oh, and our gear is comfortable. No more heavy and hot cotton tees that can only be worn a few times. Our materials are only the best because, you know, we've been there. Click the link below for more info.







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